Commercial Fences in Elk Grove, CA

Commercial Security Fence Elk Grove CA

Elk Grove Fence Company can provides businesses with the best commercial fence options. We install fences in nearly every major commercial application. We have built fences for government projects, storage facilities, schools, universities and much more.

Commercial Fence Materials

Commercial fencing requires attention to detail and a higher grade of material.  Not every fence contractor handle a commercial fence job.   When we build a commercial fence quality, security and durability are of the highest importance. Commercial fences go through much more harsh conditions and need to withstand the rigors of industrial use. We build commercial fences using all the same kinds of materials as residential jobs, but made of a higher grade product.  We also offer steel and razor wire for specific high security situations.  No climb fences are must for many businesses needing to insure security at night. Give us a call today at 916-299-8064 and see how our team can make a difference for your commercial fencing job.

Architectural Fencing Guidelines

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Building commercial fences takes more than the knowledge of the product in order to be successful. Many commercial fence jobs are done as part of a larger construction project. This means your fence contractor must be able to read architectural plans, and work alongside your general contractor and project managers to fulfill your need.

When we work commercial fence jobs, we don’t simply rely on the drawings, we double check to make sure their design meets the specific accommodations required by your specific fence product. As our customer, you are the focus of the job, not the product that the drawings dictate. We promise to keep our customer happy with the quality of our commercial fence installation. Give us a call today to get your FREE Quote for your commercial fence.